Amazing custom made tray for Terraforming Mars. Pic by cherey from BGG.
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SURVEY RESULTS: Board Game Inserts and Trays

Last month we’ve delved into the topic of board game inserts. Despite so many players asking for these, we still don’t see them often enough in base boxes. Previous article ended with a survey about titles, that you’d like to see upgraded with proper inserts or trays. Below is your top 10 and a bunch of short comments.

Kickstarter VS Retail Only

The results had one thing in common. The majority of games you voted for were retail only releases. Only few Kickstarter titles got into the top 10 list (and further spots) – Gloomhaven, Rising Sun and Dinosaur Island. Looks like KS funded games are supposed to be premium products and usually have the whole insert thing covered. People voting for and commenting about KS funded games usually wanted better organization and segregation than in the original product offered.


The other visible trend is related to games with numerous expansions. People playing these keep asking about new inserts, that would allow them to fit everything into the original box. Hopefully the new Terraforming Mars KS expansion will offer some kind of organizer/container for fans of the franchise. Below: a temporary (and great!) fanmade solution to the problem.

Terraforming Mars custom made insert. Credit: cirdan from BGG.

Segregating Wood

Caverna homemade insert. Credit: alejo4 from BGG.

Other observation deals with heavy euro games, especially these by Uwe Rosenberg and other similar creators. Many of you asked for inserts to Caverna, Agricola, Feast for Odin and plenty of others. Hopefully future releases will replace ziploc bags with something more comfortable.

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