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Blood and Doom: New Dark Fantasy RPG Coming Soon

Dicetale Games and Modiphius Entertainment join forces to bring a unique and immersive gaming experience to fans of tabletop RPGs


Dicetale Games and Modiphius Entertainment are teaming up to release Blood and Doom, a new tabletop RPG. The Kickstarter campaign for Blood and Doom will launch on April 4th, 2023. It will offer players a dark, gritty, and immersive experience with nine customizable classes. Furthermore, it will feature 18 archetypes, over 350 traits, powers, and spells, and more than 60 unique weapons. The final books will also offer complete coverage of Istha and Ethennia, as well as reveal the mysteries of Evandyr, the Islands of Roshan, and The Sundered Wastes.


In Blood and Doom, players take on the role of adventurers in a doomed world. Malevolent cults are corrupting the land and its people. Doomsayers act as the players’ senses, describing events and presenting clues while players interact with each other. The game’s unique dice system and ruleset add a tremendous amount of suspense to the stories fleshed out by the entire playing troupe.

Athyr is corrupted by cults tied to extra-dimensional entities. These cults have gained power and influence, and their rituals are becoming increasingly dangerous and corrupting the land.


In Blood and Doom, players will encounter a world filled with wonder and danger, from damp underground dungeons to royal courts, ancient tombs hidden in jungle-covered pyramids to open seas, prosperous towns with gold-plated roofs to poor fisherman villages, and monster-infested mountain ranges to the deepest of oceans. Adventure and treasure await, but danger lurks around every corner and only the rare few can be trusted completely.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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