Image: BERSERKERS Kickstarter
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BERSERKERS: A Solo Card and Dice Game Exceeds Crowdfunding Goal

Image: BERSERKERS Kickstarter

French board game publisher, Alone Editions, has announced its Kickstarter campaign for its latest game, BERSERKERS. The project has surpassed its initial funding goal of €26,000 by raising over €64,000. This will mark the publisher’s tenth successful crowdfunding campaign.

BERSERKERS is a unique single-player game set in the regions of Helm, where players must light protective fires of Odin and mark Shadow Riders with the sacred seal to defeat the darkness that threatens the region. Players can roll action dice and combine them with action cards to perform various tasks like looting, assisting villagers, and gambling. Special actions in different locations offer new game experiences. The Shadow Riders will move, bring darkness, enlist Orcs hordes, or attack players with a simple AI system.

Image: BERSERKERS Kickstarter

In addition to lighting the protective fires, players must complete King’s Requests, which offer different quests and increase game difficulty. The Kickstarter campaign for BERSERKERS by Alone Editions will end on May 16, giving interested players time to support the project and secure their copy of the game. Please note, like all of Alone Editions’ creations, BERSERKERS will not be available in retail stores.

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