Image: Be Like a Cat Kickstarter
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Be Like a Cat: Solo/Two-Player RPG Raises £34,000 on Kickstarter

Tim Roberts, a creator of Be Like a Crow & d666, introduces an exciting new role-playing game called Be Like a Cat. The Kickstarter campaign has surpassed £34,000 in funding, showcasing the game’s popularity. Be Like a Cat is a solo/two-player RPG that immerses players in the world of feline adventures.

With just a pen, paper, and two six-sided dice, players can prowl the streets as a feisty feline, expanding their territory in diverse world settings. The rulebook provides everything needed to start playing, along with captivating cat-themed artwork. It’s an engaging blend of creative writing, rules, and strategy.

Image: Be Like a Cat Kickstarter

Players begin by creating their kitten, choosing from archetypes like feral, stray, or pet, and customizing breed and skills. Lifecycle stages represent a cat’s progression, unlocking new skills as players claim more territory. They can also collect objects and form clowders (groups of cats) to protect or steal territory.

Skills are divided into Movement, Social, Sensory, and Combat categories, each with sub-skills reflecting a cat’s abilities. Players choose from settings like Urban and Cyber-Kitty, with stretch goals promising more options.

Exploration unfolds through turns, moving across a hex map and generating locations and encounters using d66 prompt tables. Players can journal their adventures, building their feline character’s life story.

Different modes

Be Like a Cat also offers optional two-player modes. In GM Mode, one player runs the game as a traditional RPG, while the other plays as a cat expanding territory. Side by Side Mode allows two players to work together or compete against each other for territory.

Image: Be Like a Cat Kickstarter

The Kickstarter campaign offers three reward tiers: digital and physical rulebooks, as well as a comprehensive package including accessories for on-the-go play. The physical rulebook is an A5 hardcover format with potential expansions based on stretch goals.

Be Like a Cat captivates with its simplicity and imaginative gameplay. This Kickstarter success opens the door to a world of feline adventures, providing a unique role-playing experience for solo and two-player enthusiasts. Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Pies, Mori, Lunar, Bacon Card Games

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