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Backer’s Guide to Kickstarter: What Board Games to Back in December?

Running and Upcoming Board Game Campaigns

Welcome to our new series of articles! In “Backer’s Guide to Kickstarter” we’ll help you decide where to empty your wallet. We want to showcase our favorite running and upcoming Kickstarter projects, and decide on our top picks. Have fun reading!


Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood of Venice

assassins creed brotherhood of venice kickstarter 4

Brotherhood of Venice belongs to the well-known video game saga by Ubisoft. Tabletop version is set in the times of fan favourite Ezio, and works as a co-op game, with a campaign focus. You can read more about it in our article here.

Status: running until December 7th

Hero Realms Journeys

hero realms journeys kickstarter

Looking for a good deck building game? Here’s one of the absolutely greatest. Ask anyone and I’m sure they’ll recommend it (or its SF version) to you. The campaign offers new expansions and ability to buy all products from the franchise released so far.

Status: running until December 7th

WHO’S SHE? – a guessing game about extraordinary women!

whos she extraordinary women

If you have kids or like games with a message, then here’s something for you. A handcrafted and painted version of the classic Guess Who, turned into a product teaching kids about extraordinary women. Apart from guessing, they’ll learn tons of facts from their lives and get some valuable inspiration. Did I mention it also looks great?

Status: running until December 7th

Nemo’s War: Bold and Caring & Dramatis Personae Expansions

nemos war kicksarter game

An expansion to a game set in the world of novels by Jules Verne. You take on the role of captain Nemo, fight warships, go on missions, make discoveries and experience the rich story of the game. Tons of cards, minis and a neat looking board included. The campaign offers the core (2nd edition) version too, along with all older expansions.

Status: Running until December 18th

Geeknson Board Game Table | QUESTOWER Ads Sytsem



Simple but charming game for an equally simple theme – tea. The game about brewing this drink is about to join KS tomorrow, and actually looks rather impressive. This card drafting and card collection game, makes you visit markets for most exquisite ingredients and additives like milk or herbs, and serve the tea to your customers.

Status: Launches December 4th

Tainted Grail: the Fall of Avalon

tainted grail board game kickstarter 34

Risky launch in the most shopping crazy month of the year couldn’t stop the guys from Awaken Realms. The game is set in a dark version of the world known from arthurian legends. Core version includes 8 minis, over 700 cards, 220 pages of story and much, much more. Here’s our preview article

Status: Launches December 5th


fences board game kickstarter

Any fans of good old Carcassonne here? We might have something for you. A restarted and upgraded May project will make it to Kickstarter in about a week. Lots of tile placement, closing areas for points and agricultural setting sound like enough to make me tempted. It also shouldn’t be too expensive (my guess is: 20-30 USD) so why not back it?

Status: Launches December 11th

luodo ninja
Looking at your list I would choose Tainted Grail as my pick of the month. Something so huge and thematically deep feels too tempting. Second place award goes to Chai. It looks delicious and reminds me of the realms I adore.

champions of nexum 2019 kickstarter 1

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tainted grail board game kickstarter e

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