Avya – a Breath of Fresh Air for Everyone

Not so long ago we’ve introduced you to an innovative face mask called Foreo UFO. When it came to the swedish brand, their arrival on Kickstarter turned out to be right on the money. Company’s income and image went through the roof. So how will Avya, the youngest child of respiratory therapy company Aura Medical, fare?

A Difficult Task

The brand was established in 2013 thanks to an initiative led by medical and business specialists. Their goal? Introduce nebulizers, inhalers and other devices as well as accessories to make breathing easier in 21st century. According to creators, this industry is visibly neglected, which is obvious when looking at all the dated devices used by most people with said conditions.

Strong enough to stop the symptoms. Safe enough for everyday usage.

It’s also worth mentioning that this market is pretty tight, and the characteristics of the product don’t encourage regular updates and upgrades. And even if these take place, many people still remain loyal to a single brand they trust. How should we encourage more potential clients to check us out? By presenting a simple and useful device  which will gain attention by as many people as possible. To achieve this using a popular channel of distribution (like Kickstarter) may be the best.

No More Snuffles!

Avya is a tiny, modern looking nose inhaler. The creators assure that it’s the only effective and portable tool of its kind. Thanks to it we’re only 3 steps away from comfortable breathing. Let’s list them. First refill the saline water container, next turn on the power and finally: begin the inhalation.

What characteristics make Avya so effective? Warm steam reaches deep into the sinuses and nasopharynx helping in disposal of unwanted mucus faster. It also helps with moisturizing and soothing irritations.

What Makes It Work?

Avya consists of an inbuilt tank with its own heater, exchangeable mouthpiece and lithium-ion  battery – all topped with rubberized cover serving as a grip. The device is controlled by a set of intuitive buttons. This type of construction warrants not only high durability but also assures that you can always carry the device with you.

Despite all that,  it doesn’t actually sound like anything revolutionary. What makes us believe in the inhaler’s success?


Creators of the campaign assure that during tests conducted in 2017 Avya turned out to be incredibly effective. Alan Goodman, a doctor supervising the tests, claims we have a true revolution ahead of us. It’s all thanks to 99,99% germ free saline water. Its nanoparticles emitted by the device  work with unmatched effectiveness.

What’s interesting, saline water prepared at home on your own (with addition of salt and baking soda) can also bring relief. In this case though we shouldn’t expect such impressive effects.


Will May Bring Some Long Awaited Relief?

This year’s May will be eagerly awaited by people with allergies, sportsmen, professions using voice to earn money and simply all folks with runny noses. Avya, priced 149 USD (249 in regular sales later on), may bring all of them some significant relief.

Avya - The Battery-Powered Steam Inhaler by Aura Medical -- Kicktraq Mini

Link: Avya

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