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AVGhost – a Game You Play When it Gets Dark

Last week we’ve announced our Tentaccolade winners, including the most unique game component awards. Few days pass, and suddenly there is a game, that will almost surely end up nominated for the same title in 2019. Meet AVGhost Paranormal Investigation, created by a Spanish team called Mystical Games.

X-Files in the 70s

The setting could be described as X-Files mixed with Ghost Busters, and a heavy dose of the 70s atmosphere. Occult cases solved by a bunch of inspectors, working in a special agency. Our heroes track paranormal activities happening in their nearby area, and try to understand the mysteries surrounding them.

The team consists of a really unique bunch of characters: from a priest specializing in exorcisms, to a girl looking like taken straight from ABBA or Charlie’s Angels. Despite all the craziness in the setting, the game actually looks quite scary.

Building the Atmosphere

AVGhost is meant to be played by 1 to 4 players. There aren’t many details about the solo mode, but in case of a horror game played in complete darkness, it could actually be tempting for people, who usually ignore solo modes. Who knows, maybe the paired app has some cute screamers waiting just for you. And yes, you’ve heard it right: the app. We have another mobile application based game, after last year’s U-BOOT and Chronicles of Crime.

luodo ninja

“Even though the idea felt wrong to me at first (mixing classic games with mobile tech), Chronicles of Crime changed my mind a lot. And interestingly, there’s actually a way to play AVGhost without the app, as the authors included a special book, you can use instead. Reading it with a flashlight under bed sheets could become quite the experience.”

The app provides: data and sound recordings you find on the researched site, has some scary tunes playing, and helps with coordinating the gameplay.

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Getting Ready For All Horrors That Await

First: players open a case file. There are 6 cases coming with the base game, but backers have already managed to unlock some more, and additional ones are available in the KS exclusive “Grace” scenario campaign.

After reading all the information and the request from your client, the map is set up according to a set of instructions. All the data is inputted into the app, including your character choice.

Our heroes can wear various equipment including recorders, cameras, exorcising tools, radios, binoculars and more. These are set on the board before the game begins (the “day” phase). You do it according to the guesses from clues found in the file. But the real fun starts in the second phase…

Time to Turn off the Lights

As the night falls in the world of AVGhost, the paranormal activities begin. After turning off the light in the room, players activate flashlights, located in the bases of their minis. This is the component I was talking about!

Each mini provides a cone of light  in front of it, and that creates an unique sense of limited visibility. Additionally: flashlights can be upgraded with colorful lenses, some of which show hidden evidence, tracks and hints, while others can scare off the ghosts or even help you get rid of them.

Slowly, by checking all places for clues, and doing everything you can to avoid dying, you get enough data to finish the case. Final part may include some meetings with ghosts and other creepy characters.

Cooperation is vital in this game. Often you have to share batteries with someone who has a dead flashlight, or get help when encountering a ghost.

AVGhost Campaign on Kickstarter

I was surprised to see something so unique, so early this year. The technology actually works, as shown on some gameplay videos posted on the campaign. Backers seem to agree with my enthusiasm, as the project got funded fast and keeps staying in top 10 trending tabletop games. Right now it’s sitting at almost $170.000 and keeps gaining additional stretch goals like scenarios and cardboard gadgets replaced by plastic minis.

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