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Archie Board Game Table – A new player is coming to town! Upcoming Kickstarter

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that our newest Board Game Table campaign is coming to Kickstarter very soon and oh boy – is there a lot to wait for on this magical fourth time!

Archie Board Game Table Kickstarter

Geeknson never stops and never idles! We have heads full of amazing ideas on how to make your life as players – be it board game lovers or RPG maniacs – easier and more comfortable. We’re here to enhance your experience, make it better, more vivid and unforgettable. And this time we’re aiming to please you with our newest invention – Archie Board Game Table – an innovative board game table – fitted with groundbreaking Geeknson’s PRO Gaming Tiles for maximum modularity of any game setup.

Archie Board Game Table

Archie is our newest exciting creation – a seemingly normal dining table that hides a mountain of possibilities for demanding players. Simply opening it reveals the soul of Archie – its modular gaming tiles designed specifically for board game players.

Its simplicity combined with an ocean of combinations you yourself can create by arranging tile sets in various ways make it possible to customize the table to make it respond to your needs. The table hears your call and shifts effortlessly by hand to create the highest level of gaming surface – in a way and shape you see fit.

Geeknson Board Game Table | QUESTOWER Ads Sytsem

But we know you want more and we’re not stopping there. Archie is not only about the insides but outsides too. Its unique railings will allow you to create extra space outside the table thus expanding the gaming area for your convenience. Never again worry about where to put your tokens or figurines – Archie’s got you (and your minis) covered.

We’re also all about the convenience – the table is designed with you in mind. All elements and accessories that we will be revealing very soon are going to be easy to add, remove, fit and move as per your wish. Simply grab the element you think should be in a different space and put it right where you want. Have a piece you don’t need? Give it to a friend in need! Choices are many but each of them will bring a smile to your face.

And as always Archie will also be perfect to serve a dinner on and will come in handy when you’ll want to grab a pizza, pause your game and regain the energy needed for that last one boss room awaiting you. Simply cover the top with our water-proof leaves without worrying about putting all the gaming accessories away – we’ve made sure that any spill or small dining accident will be contained to the surface of leaves making your board games and character sheets absolutely safe within the table.

We are really excited about Archie and we can’t wait to unveil more about it! Stay tuned for more info about Archie Board Game Table – the new player in town!

Archi Board Game Table by Geeknson. Now on Kickstarter>>>>

Archi Board Game Table by Geeknson. Now on Kickstarter>>>>

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