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Ampersand RPG: Kickstarter Campaign for a Simplified Tabletop RPG

Ampersand Adventure Aims to Make RPGs More Accessible and Enjoyable for Families


A new Kickstarter campaign is seeking to change the tabletop role-playing game (RPG) industry. It offers a simplified RPG that prioritizes storytelling and imagination over complicated stats and charts. The Ampersand RPG aims to make RPGs more accessible and enjoyable for parents and their kids.

The Kickstarter campaign will run until April 2nd, 2023. One of the goals is of raising funds to produce the next Ampersand Adventure, Snakes & Sarcophagi, as well as the Mini-Adventure Quarrys. The game is suitable for children aged six and up. Furthermore, parents with no prior RPG experience can easily learn to Game Master (GM).

Ampersand Adventure is an analog game that includes everything players need to begin playing right away. The game’s analog format means that families can enjoy quality face-to-face time without the need for screens or devices.


The game’s Game Master’s Screen is a standout feature. It displays maps and information while keeping the GM’s notes hidden from players. Also, The Snakes & Sarcophagi adventure will include a game master’s portfolio, monsters/ally cards, a vendor book, and many more.

In conclusion, The Ampersand RPG aims to help parents introduce their children to the joys of storytelling and imaginative play. Ampersand Adventure offers an alternative to complicated RPGs, prioritizing creativity and storytelling. To learn more about Ampersand Adventure and the Kickstarter campaign, visit their campaign page.

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