Image: Alchemy RPG Kickstarter
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Alchemy RPG Kickstarter Surpasses $479,000 as Demand Soars for Immersive Virtual Tabletop Experience

Alchemy RPG’s Version One Promises Enhanced Gameplay and Exclusive Content Collaboration

Alchemy RPG, a virtual tabletop (VTT) currently running a highly successful Kickstarter campaign, has achieved remarkable funding, raising over $479,000. The campaign concludes on May 25th and has garnered significant attention, indicating a strong demand for a VTT that prioritizes immersion, art, and ambiance over traditional video game emulation, such as the newly announced Dungeons & Dragons Virtual Tabletop.

Image: Alchemy RPG Kickstarter

Version One of Alchemy RPG, which has been in Early Access beta for a year, introduces officially licensed first-party support for 12 game systems. It also incorporates content modules from more than 50 publishers and creators. Finally, Alchemy Enhanced is an innovative and immersive way to experience tabletop RPGs online.

To celebrate the release of Version One, Alchemy RPG has collaborated with 30 content creators to offer an exclusive collection of physical cards organized into four thematic content decks. Each card includes a redeemable digital code for the Alchemy platform. Notable gaming industry giants, including Free League Publishing, Paizo, and Chaosium, are partnering with Alchemy RPG to create Enhanced versions of popular titles like Mörk Borg, Tales From the Loop, Coriolis, Forbidden Lands, and Dragonbane. These Enhanced versions feature a custom-themed Alchemy interface, original score, ambient soundscapes, motion overlays, and animated title screens.

Content Decks

Image: Alchemy RPG Kickstarter

The Kickstarter campaign presents four thematic content decks (Fantasy, Futures, Horror, and Modern) as reward tiers. Each deck comprises ten cards containing campaign settings, adventures, and supplements from renowned creators. That includes Paizo, World of Darkness, Modiphius, Magpie Games, Kobold Press, Hunters Entertainment, and Chaosium. Additionally, a fifth deck is exclusively available in a box set collection, encompassing all 50 content cards. Backers will enjoy decks at a significant discount from the retail price.

Kickstarter backers will receive exclusive benefits, including “Backer Account” status, early access to new features, and Alchemy Version One. Each physical tier will also grant access to Alchemy Unlimited. Furthermore, with an option to purchase a lifetime license for Alchemy’s premium subscription at the highest tier of the campaign. In addition to the Enhanced content experiences, expansive game system support, and captivating title availability, Alchemy RPG is enhancing the gameplay with tactical improvements like the fog of war, grid customization, video chat, and Streamer Mode. These enhancements position Alchemy RPG as the all-in-one tool for creating extraordinary storytelling experiences.

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