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Aeon’s End: The New Age – a Real Treat for Deck Building Fans

Aeon’s End is a pretty big name in the board game world. The first one appeared on Kickstarter in April 2016. 3 years have passed, and the fans could enjoy a new edition, 1 huge expansion, some smaller expansions and a legacy version as well. Now it’s time for The New Age – an edition that will merge all the existing content together!

A New Age of Aeon’s End

Each successive installment of Aeon’s End brought small changes to the mechanics, but also added a huge amount of content. As the game is based on 3 key elements: heroes, nemeses and the market – adding new cards to each of these increases the amount of things to do and boosts replayability. Aeon’s end: The New Age expands the game too (200+ market cards, 100+ nemesis cards, new heroes and nemeses), but goes a step further.

The Legacy edition had a heavy influence on the new product. The New Age allows players to go on an epic adventure and play up to 8 successive scenarios.

New mechanics allow developing your heroes and adjusting the market of available cards to your own taste. The New Age will also let you to use all the existing content and play it in the form of mini campaigns!

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The Expedition

The expedition system is one of the greatest additions to the game. The story in this mode won’t be too spectacular, but it was never the main point here. Players, instead of playing single “scenarios”, will be able to merge 4 nemeses into 1 mini-campaign. This lets people gain new cards (treasures) for their heroes between sessions. No need to worry about getting too strong though. Nemeses gain additional abilities, as the game progresses, and will always pose a challenge.

If you fail to defeat a nemesis on your first attempt, you get a second chance. This means that the campaign may take from 4 to 8 games to complete.

It seems like this system mixes the original game with the Legacy edition. And with that, the replayability increases by miles. Continuing your adventures a day or week later is a great idea. Every nemesis and every hero will progressively change in each following session.


The campaign got to $270.000 since February 12th. Core pledge (with the new expansion is priced at $69 + shipping. That already let’s you play the game, even if you don’t have any of the older products. You can get them though, as all installments and add-ons are available in the campaign as well. That’s a great chance to enter this rich universe.

The campaign will last until March 15th, so there’s still some time to decide if and how you’re going to experience Aeon’s End.

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