Image: Adventure College Student Handbook Kickstarter
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Adventure College Student Handbook Kickstarter Achieves Funding Success

Magicpunk-themed D&D 5e Guidebook Exceeds Expectations with Backer Support

Image: Adventure College Student Handbook Kickstarter

The Adventure College Student Handbook Kickstarter campaign has reached an impressive milestone, raising over $1,300 in funding. This captivating guidebook, designed for use with Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (5e), presents a magical twist on the traditional college experience. With its unique magic punk setting, the Student Handbook offers players lots of features. It includes a wealth of new races, character backgrounds, and a fascinating array of magical items.

Adventure College introduces players to the college town of Vernadeut, nestled under a towering peak that brushes the sky. Moonlit nights reveal ethereal stairways, connecting doorways crafted from moonbeams and also leading to the divine realm of Elysium. West of the mountain lies the Forest of Arden, inspired by the works of Shakespeare and Roger Zelazny. These lands are inhabited by races such as arborstars and pookahs.

The setting of Adventure College merges magic and artifice, creating a vibrant magic punk society. The reebies, who augment their bodies with spare limbs salvaged from fresh corpses, embody this fusion. Toferrin, the governing nation, oversees the Moonlight Patrol tasked with guarding interplanar portals. As adventurers face malevolent spirits, technological mishaps, and other challenges, Toferrin aims to regulate them as a licensed class of errant knights graduated from Adventure College.


Image: Adventure College Student Handbook Kickstarter

Adventure College Student Handbook Kickstarter campaign already surpassed its funding goal. All backers can expect an expanded and refined final product. Stretch goals, including additional maps, NPCs, and finally mechanics for Adventure College classes and cliques, offer backers the opportunity to shape the future of this enchanting world. Backers will also gain early access to draft PDFs and join an exclusive discord server.

As the Adventure College Student Handbook Kickstarter continues, it is evident that this magic punk-themed guidebook has captured the imagination and support of D&D 5e enthusiasts. With its rich lore, customizable character options, and the promise of ongoing development, Adventure College is poised to become an essential addition to tabletop role-playing games.

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