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5 Themes for Tiny Epic Series That We’d Love to See

“Tiny Epic…” series is back on Kickstarter. This time it’s tackling a theme that all children (and some adults) adore – dinosaurs. What else can we expect from this extremely popular game series? What other topics could appear in the future? Here’s my list of 5 themes that weren’t used in Tiny Epic so far, but should be.

1. Tiny Epic Adventure

We all love adventure! Who wouldn’t like to explore some ancient temples, Indiana Jones style? Imagine a minuscule box filled to the brim with adventure. We’d run away from huge rolling stone globes, jump over pits with the help of a trusty whip and look for lost Inca treasures. Maybe we’d run away from a sinking cave or an island with an imminent volcano eruption? I’d put hundreds of hours into this.

2. Tiny Epic Cyberpunk

Since even Keanu Reeves is coming back to the world of cyberpunk, why not follow his footsteps? Omnipresent neons, cyborgizations, racing through futuristic highways, fighting corporations plotting to control the world (or at least its material part) would really be something! Just imagine these tiny meeples with claws in one hand and a pistol in the other!

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3. Tiny Epic Samurai

Far East has always fascinated westerners! Epic fights, battlefields filled with samurai, ninjas stealing secret information from a castle of an opposing clan… How about some deadly duels ending with a honorable seppuku? Everything decorated with unique Far Eastern style.

4. Tiny Epic Vikings

We’ve already had zombies, so it’s high time for vikings! And who wouldn’t like to plunder some villages, ride ships and die a honorable death in battle? Especially considering that winning would grant you entry to Valhalla and allow drinking a few pints with Odin himself! Horned helmets have remained fashionable for centuries so most board game publishers have some games about northern peoples in their portfolio. And if you’re looking for inspiration… always check out the best!

5. Tiny Epic My Little Pony

Because friendship is magic, and magic locked in a tiny box is even better. Small meeples representing our ponies, unicorns and pegasi would be something that not only children would love, but their parents too. New tasks for our heroes could be both epic (saving Equestria) and more everyday – like organizing an unforgettable birthday party for a friend!

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