Vampire: The Masquerade Chapters. Return to Dark Tower. Turris. Trademarks and visuals belong to their rightful owners.
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4 New Kickstarter Board Game Campaigns Launching Early 2020

Return to Dark Tower, Turris, Vampire: the Masquerade Chapters, Lander

Remember how we wrote about the insane amount of board game campaigns coming to Kickstarter in spring? Well, here’s even more previews. Enjoy!

Return to Dark Tower – January 14th

Return to Dark Tower. Trademarks and visuals belong to their rightful owners.

Restoration Games is about to come back to Kickstarter with their newest project. The publisher of Fireball Island has again decided to bring back a classic and upgrade it with new art and ideas. 

The original edition of Dark Tower was published  in 1981. It got famous mostly thanks to an actual small computer bundled with the game. The device was part of the titular tower and was used to take actions and improve the immersion through playing music. The goal of the game was to get into the tower after finding 3 keys in the overworld.

Return to Dark Tower will work as a sequel to the original game. It was designed by a designer dream team including Isaac Childres (Gloomhaven) and Rob Daviau (Pandemic Legacy). The tower itself got a redesign and now it operates by utilizing bluetooth and a smartphone app. When it comes to mechanics, the game is fully co-op (while the original was more of a competitive game). The main goal is getting as powerful as you can through quests, resources or equipment and finally: conquering the dreadful tower once and for all.

Turris – January 2020

Turris. Trademarks and visuals belong to their rightful owners.

A second game today with story related to towers. Make no mistake though, as despite the theme, it’s completely different. The world mixes concepts from mythologies, Old Testament and fantasy into something new. In Turris humanity, highly dependent on gods, has to face mysterious beasts without knowing who or what caused them to appear. 

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Despite having a complex world, you’d expect from an RPG, Turris is a worker placement game. Each player places his scouts on certain spots marked on the world map. Moving and recalling scouts is paid with Ichor – one of the most important resources in the game. The lives of your subjects won’t be that easy though. The four beasts that plague the board and threaten your people need to be avoided at all cost. That dynamic will lead to players constantly moving their scouts to different working locations. Meanwhile you will also take care of the tower itself and fill it with rooms. Each room card grants powerful bonuses and plays a vital role in the overall strategy.

Turris. Trademarks and visuals belong to their rightful owners.

Vampire: The Masquerade Chapters – February 4th

Vampire: The Masquerade Chapters. Trademarks and visuals belong to their rightful owners.

Ready to return to the World of Darkness? It’s almost 30 years since Vampire: The Masquerade’s setting was originally created. Despite that, new video games and board games keep popping up every year. In February we’ll witness the newest title in the franchise. A story driven tabletop game called Vampire: The Masquerade Chapters

Chapters was created with 1-4 players in mind and is narration heavy. It’s still a proper board game, as there is no game master like in the original pen & paper RPG. Instead the game features plenty of text on cards and lots of them include branching choices that change the course of the entire plot. Players move their minis through locations in the gothic-punk version of Montreal. The amount of content seems colossal as the game is supposed to have at least 40 scenarios and 8 different characters.

Lander – March 3rd

Lander. Trademarks and visuals belong to their rightful owners.

Lander is a great case for anyone planning a proper Kickstarter campaign. The game was demoed heavily not only at the largest tabletop gaming events, but also at hobby cafes all over the world. Authors took their time to let people play their prototype and now, judging from positive response from the players, it’s ready for KS.

Lander takes us to a distant planet called Kaimas-2. The faraway celestial body is rich in resources and has attracted plenty of intergalactic corporations, competing for every single patch of land. The game is played in a group of 2 to 4 players. Each of them will attempt to gather minerals and food, conquer new areas, recruit crew members and finally: complete mission cards that give victory points
Apart from cards and mini boards, the game uses plenty of triangle tiles, which can be placed in plenty of different spots. They’re easily our favourite mechanic here as they lead to bigger replayability and create unique maps each time you play.

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