Nova Aetas: Renaissance. GEEKNSON's Megan board Game Table. Mini Express. Trademarks and visuals belong to their rightful owners.
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3 Upcoming Kickstarter Projects – From Games to Board Game Tables

Megan Board Game Table, Mini Express, Nova Aetas: Renaissance

More and more interesting projects are heading to Kickstarter in the nearest months. Today we look at 2 tabletop games and a project that could be classified as a rather sizeable board game accessory. Enjoy!

Megan Gaming Table – Spring 2020

The overall experience when playing our favourite board games is the vital part of having most fun with your favourite hobby. And we don’t mean just the choice of games. The place where you play them also has a big, if not colossal, role. 

GEEKNSON’s “Megan” Board Game Table. Trademarks and visuals belong to their rightful owners.

Having an actual board game table is a dream of many geeks. Some have decided to make their own, others order overpriced sets online. This year, a company called GEEKNSON is about to start a project that might finally be what many have been waiting for. A full-on board game table with affordable pricing and healthy dose of optional accessories.

Megan is a hardwood gaming table, designed by the industry veterans and heavily inspired by the feedback from their friends and clients. Beneath the usual dining area, there’s the so-called Game Vault that appears when you remove the upper lid. There you can leave an entire game “saved” or just store it there for a while. This way the table mixes the tabletop gaming hobby with the practicality of a table – dining, working or playing with your family or friends – all of it merges into one unique lifestyle  experience.

The Kickstarter version of Megan features a system to avoid spilling drinks over your hidden games, a Card Rail System to let every player display his or her cards easily, a USB charging port and many more features that will please both board gamers as well as RPG fans.

We’ll look more into the topic of gaming tables in the nearest weeks, as we’ve been planning to get one of these for quite a while… Stay Tuned!

Mini Express – April / May 2020

Games about building webs of railroads have been my soft spot since early childhood. I remember hours spent in Transport Tycoon and Railroad Tycoon. When it comes to board games I simply adore most titles about trains: from Ticket to Ride, Railroad Ink, Age of Steam to 18XX series. The newest game by Moaideas Game Design offers yet another approach to the railroad theme – both deep and easy to learn at the same time.

Mini Express. Trademarks and visuals belong to their rightful owners.

In Mini Express players take on the role of railroad shareholders. They don’t play as companies and instead try to earn as much money as possible on the train communication market. Every turn a player must decide either to take one share from the table or build a track for any company that’s in the game. While the latter expands the entire railroad web, the only points awarded in Mini Express come from shares. Still, shares of companies with longer tracks score more. It’s important to invest into ones that have good perspectives and help them develop by adding your tracks.

Mini Express. Trademarks and visuals belong to their rightful owners.

Tiny Express takes tycoon-style game and adds plenty of healthy competition and planning many turns ahead. The game has an additional advanced mode, where you play on the map of the USA and have a third, West Coast related, action to pick each turn.

Nova Aetas: Renaissance – 2020

The universe of Nova Aetas keeps expanding each year. The Ludus Magnus Studio has created a world heavily inspired by the history of Italy with lots of magic and fantasy mixed in. The result is usually visually stunning and the games themselves keep topping Kickstarter high score tables. So far we’ve had Nova Aetas, the incredibly popular Black Rose Wars, lighter Dungeonology and a prequel called Sine Tempore.

Nova Aetas: Renaissance. Trademarks and visuals belong to their rightful owners.

So what’s next in the world of Nova Aetas? According the social media of the publisher: a brand new game is in development and may come sooner than we think. Nova Aetas: Renaissance will be crowd funded through Kickstarter, but we still need to learn about the launch date. The game will tell a story of a war between Venice and Rome and focus on cooperation up to 4 players.

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