Picture from the 2nd Breakfast board game table campaign.

Tables are the silent heroes of the board game world. We discuss  dice trays, dice towers, card protectors but the table oftens slips our minds. I started noticing how important they are after getting into X-Wing Miniature Game. It turned out my piece of furniture wasn’t wide enough to match game’s requirements of 90x90cm. For a while I had to play it on the floor. Regular board games were also often difficult to set up, especially when playing with more than 2 people.

As it happens, there are 3 Kickstarter campaigns with dedicated board game tables, all running simultaneously right now. Let’s check them out.

The Jasper: A Board Gaming Table

The Jasper is a creation of Chad DeShon, the designer of The Duchess gaming table, that managed to collect whopping $2,592,231 on Kickstarter. Judging from the early data, his newest work is also on its way to break some records.

jasper board game table from kickstarter
Picture from the campaign

The Jasper is designed as a premium product. It’s made from Malaysian Oak and feels really sturdy. All sides have thick borders, so your dice won’t fall off. The gaming surface is cushioned, which makes for easier card flipping and helps to keep all cardboard and plastic game elements in place.

jasper board game table from kickstarter
Picture from the campaign

Backers can choose between 4 color variants and order additional items. These include cup holders (so you no longer have to worry about players spilling their drinks on Gloomhaven) and a dining topper that can cover the play area, and allow you to treat Jasper as regular dining room furniture.

2nd Breakfast Board Game Table

2nd Breakfast table by Wooded Realms offers a bit different approach to its Kickstarter campaign. Instead of offering add-ons, the table comes already equipped with all sorts of gadgets and things that will make your board gaming easier. The only additional item available in pledges are chairs, each coming with a “secret hidden compartment”.

2nd breakfast board game table from kickstarter
Picture from the campaign

The table is made from European Beech Hardwood, one of the hardest and most durable wood species out there. Each 2nd Breakfast table comes with 4 dice trays, a set of cup holders and a playfield covered with acrylic sheet. There are also USB chargers and AC outlets, should you ever need to charge or use electronic devices while playing.

LED lighting is easily the most unique feature here. It can lit up the table when playing at night and you’re actually able to control the colors by using a dedicated smartphone app.

2nd breakfast board game table from kickstarter
Picture from the campaign

GameChanger Tables and Toppers

GameChanger’s campaign offers gaming tables of varying sizes and solo table toppers.

gamechanger board game table from kickstarter
Picture from the campaign

Their gaming tables can be upgraded with tons of additional, attachable elements. The authors call their idea a “building block system”. Apart from attachments we know from 2 other campaigns, there are also special wooden screens for game masters and pads for segregating instruction booklets, character cards and other game related things. You can also order new parts after the campaign and connect them to the table in any way you wish.

The toppers are especially interesting, and none of the other two campaigns offer these. You simply put it on top of your regular table and get all the features of a proper game table for a much more affordable price. It’s also possible to take the topper with you to a game night, as it doesn’t weight much, and can be disassembled and transported with ease. If I knew about these during my X-Wing problems, I’d surely get one.

If you’re considering getting a table specifically for board games, now It might be a good time to do it. All 3 campaigns offer quality of life improvements for your everyday board gaming: from sturdy design and heavy customization to unique features, some wouldn’t even think about before.

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