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3 Great Board Game Tables from Kickstarter [UPDATED January 2021]

Board game tables are becoming more and more popular nowadays. We love talking about tabletop games, but the very space, where we place them rarely gets a mention. Considering how huge some of the games can be, buying your furniture with board games in mind sounds quite smart when they’re one of your main hobbies. Some gamers choose bigger and sturdier tables to host giant wargames or titles like Twilight Imperium, Anachrony and War of the Ring. Others prefer specialized gaming tables that not only come in the proper sizes but also have many more handy features to offer.

Today we want to show you our 3 favourites when it comes to board gaming furniture. Each table is unique in a way and offers an array of functionalities that will satisfy different types of players.

Table Features That We Adore

When it comes to board gaming tables, The Megan series is probably our number one recommendation. Being crafted from Wild European Oak makes the tables sturdy and incredibly solid. The best part of Megan though is easily the amount of basic features and additional accessories you can attach to each table.

The core part of every Megan table is an 8cm deep section called the Vault. This is where you play your games. The Vault is surrounded by 360 degree Card Rail where you can insert your cards to have free hands and be able to see them all at once. 

Playing area can be fully covered by wooden leaves that allow you to keep the game in the Vault and eat your meals on the very same table. Said leaves are also watertight so even if something spills when you’re having your meal, the game below is entirely safe. Megans are also easy to clean and come in various shapes and colours. Here are our favourite 3 gaming tables.

Megan X Board Gaming Table

Megan X is a table that caters to hardcore board game players, who want everything they need to make games more comfortable. The size is perfect for all games, including the huge ones (45’’x45’’ or 114cmx114cm). This is a great fit if you want a classic table, that looks like a regular piece of furniture and still be able to play all games and use every single accessory available (more on these later).

And if that wasn’t enough, Megan X is the only gaming table that can be equipped with a TV screen and a special set of legs that transform it into a much lower coffee table.

4-6 / 6-8 Player Megan Gaming Tables

The 6-8 Megan Table

If you have a large room or have a bigger gaming group, the larger Megan sizes will probably be a better fit for you. There are two larger varieties available and you can pick whichever would be better for your players. The first variant is suited for 4-6 players (39.4’’x59’’ or 100×150 cm) and the second one for 6-8 (39.4’’x67’’ or 100×172 cm). 

Megan Wing

This one is built specifically for those of you who want a table as big as possible. Megan Wing boasts a size of 48″ x 72″ (122cm x 183cm) and works fantastic for big wargames that need enough space to host all the armies. It’s also perfect for bigger euro games like Twilight Imperium. You can play them on other table models, but Megan Wing gives you lots of additional space and more freedom when placing the components. 

Best Board Game Table Accessories and Add-ons

Each Megan table comes with a special rail on its outer part. This is used to attach additional accessories and customize the table to suit your games and the way you play them. What can you use here?

First: there are special insets you can place in the Vault to make all game components less likely to move and easier to pick up. USB chargers are also available if one of you needs to charge a phone or use a tablet to enrich a RPG session. 

Pro inset

The outer rail allows attaching add-ons like counter holders so they don’t clutter the table. Same with cup / wine glass holders that give more comfort and additional protection against spilling something on the inset. There’s also a special accessory to hold tablets, another one for wireless charging and finally: our favourite cat holder which offers a comfortable place for your furry friend to rest at.

Cat holder accessory

Other add-ons designed for Megan tables include acrylic bins for game components, an acrylic layer to place above a map or a board to protect it, a flip desk, a special D&D bench, a box to store table leaves, a strake board, dice towers, a choice of chairs benches (including ones that can hold games inside), a pro inset elevator which makes the Vault higher and finally: a counter leaf placed in the middle of each table to store tokens in the middle, should you prefer this option.

Pro inset elevator accessory

The Bottom Line

All in all, when it comes to board game tailored tables, the Megan series is our primary pick. This is mainly because of how customizable they are comparing to their competition. The fact that there are 7 models of these also helps a lot and allows you to pick a tiny coffee table or a colossal Megan Wing that can house an entire miniature battlefield. Whichever you pick, if you are a hardcore board game player, you will definitely feel satisfied.

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